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Remapping the Xbox One Gamepad with the Xbox One Elite Controller


Xbox One Elite Controller

Packed with Features

The best selling new xbox one elite controller is compatible with both the Xbox One and Xbox One S. This xbox one elite controller has many cool features worth considering. One of these features is the remap feature we will discuss below.

Xbox One S Controllers

The new lilly white xbox one controllers with bluetooth connectivity to the xbox one console, your PC, smartphone, or tablet are one of the key components included with the xbox one S.

In 2017, folks are asking questions concerning the brand new Xbox One S versus the earliest Xbox One. Must you upgrade? Or should you wait for Project Scorpio instead? Or are you not even a console gamer at all? To see the answer to those questions, read this article, Xbox One Slim Review: Worth the Upgrade at Allaboutxboxone.

Thanks to the Xbox One Elite Controller, you can now remap buttons on any Xbox One controller accessory within the new Xbox One Dashboard’s Settings app.

  Xbox One Elite Controller

xbox one elite controller

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

This remapping is surprisingly easy to do And it works with any xbox one elite controller or any xbox one controller – elite or not. Here’s how to get it done…


1 Head To Settings

To get started you’ll want to navigate into Settings on the xbox one controller or the xbox one elite controller – either via the top tabs or by double tapping the Xbox button and using the new Guide. Once there, head towards the Kinect & Devices option to get started.


2 Choose Your Device

Once you’ve selected your device you’ll be able to do simple changes, such as making your controller permanently southpaw, or head into button mapping to make more intricate changes.


3 Get Technical

Here you can remap the entire gamepad. While this is designed for the Xbox One Elite controller, this can work wonders for a regular pad if you’re more accustomed to different button placements.


While we’re here, let’s take a closer look at the new Xbox One Elite Controller as well:


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xbox one elite controller

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller