SC Biz here…Welcome to our site, and thank you for visiting. I created this XBox One website to help others answer the question I struggled to answer for my son: Why Move Up to XBox One 1 TB for Holiday 2015? Exactly two years ago, Black friday 2013 to be specific, I  purchased the XBox One 500 GB for my son, Alex. As I researched the  XBox One 1TB features, XBox One bundles, and XBox One games, I realized that I could save parents and others the time of having to do all of the digging themselves.The primary purpose of this site is to share our knowledge about the new XBox One 1TB.

Also included are reviews and information about XBox One 1TB features, XBox One bundles, XBox One games, and XBox One accessories.

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XBox One – Upgrade to 1 TB Holiday Bundle with Kinect for Holiday 2015 – Halo 5 – Assassins Creed – Call of Duty – Gears of War – Madden NFL (My Review)