Xbox 360 Repair Guide – Fix Xbox 360 Three Red Lights Error


One of the most common problems on the Xbox 360 is the 3 red lights error. Other common issues include heating problems due to insufficient ventilation. Your Xbox 360 will display 3 red lights to indicate a system problem and will shut down automatically.

How To Fix Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death

Because this problem is so common among Xbox 360 units, there are a variety of Xbox 360 repair guides online that can help you fix the problem yourself instead of sending it back to Microsoft for repair.

If your Xbox 360 is still under warranty, I would recommend you send it back to repair since you don’t need to pay anything. However, bear in mind, it can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks for your gaming console to be repaired and shipped back to you.

If your Xbox 360 is out of warranty, then sending it back for repairs can cost you several hundred dollars depending on which component is faulty. For example, if your Xbox 360 system board is faulty, then it can be quite expensive to repair.

Furthermore, you need to wait weeks for your Xbox 360 to be repaired and returned.

If you want to save money or not willing to wait weeks for your Xbox 360 to be repaired, then the best option is to get hold of one of these Xbox 360 repair guides and fix the problem yourself.

Before you think it is impossible to DIY repair the Xbox 360 yourself, do know that there are many people who have faced with the same problem and has figured out how to repair the Xbox 360 3 red lights problem themselves.

In most cases, it usually takes about a hour and the spare parts can be brought in your local electronic stores such as Radio Shack for less than $100.

Some of the best Xbox 360 repair guides now comes with step by step videos to show you how to repair Xbox 360 yourself. So it is actually not as difficult as you might think.


Source by Ricky Lim