Xbox 360 1 Red Light – What does it mean


Looking back on the years, the gaming consoles have certainly evolved from the days of bleak Pong. Even the last generation consoles from the top providers of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft (GameCube, PS2, and Xbox) had proven to be convenient, and not at all hard to use.

As one would see the latest addition to the gaming community, the add-on for game enjoyment had come a long way from extra controllers or video game discs. The system had developed the ‘memory card’ system, and transformed it into a big capacity hard drive, not to mention the new front skins, types of controller, and internet connectivity.

The downside to having a lot of ‘extra’s is the tendency of broken parts in the console, raises. The identification of the problem is difficult, since you are given lots of parts, therefore would take time to check all. As much as any concerned ‘will-be’ users, there is no need to freight with identification problems with the Xbox 360. It had developed a method using lights on the controller to lead the technicians to the main source of the glitch.

The light system focuses on the four green lights on the start button. If by any chance one of the four flashes red, and then the screen presents and error code, the identification of the problem is one red light message. This means the problem is present in the Hard Drive, or DVD drive. To assure you, having problems with the two drives aren’t that major. The codes of the error for DVD Drive are E64, E65, and E66. For the Hard Drive it’s E67, E69 and E 79.


Source by Maxxborshoff