Xbox 360 1 Red Light – Fix This Today!


Ever played a power rangers game in Xbox 360? How can you even play if your Xbox is broken? Are you seeing one red light in the power button of your Xbox? What quick fix inside can you do to eliminate the problem?

There are 12 error codes being displayed during the process. Among these are: errors on the DVD drive, a concern with the Ethernet card, overheating, and the AV (Audio-Video) cables.

Though a majority of these issues usually have one cause, the Xbox 360 1 red light can be because of a cold solder or a sub standard solder. The solder used to hold the CPU, RAM, and GPU on the motherboard is non standard. In other words, the solder uses a mixture of lead and tin which should not be. This kind of solder cannot withstand substantial amounts of heat and can crack over time. This leads to an inconsistent connection and will become faulty. While in the cold solder, it happens when a standard solder is used but the method of soldering is incorrect. For a solder to be a good solder, it has to be a cone-shaped solder and the lead is melted well given the proper heat applied on the solder. Don’t worry because a re-solder can easily fix the problem.

The Xbox 360 1 red light symptoms vary from one Xbox to another. Some of this includes inability to use the DVD drive and reboots done repeatedly necessary to initialize system.

Most likely, this is another case of an overheating issue. The overheating can occur when a combination of these happens: the sub standard solder, improper mounting of the heat sink or the thermal protection used is not a standard material combined with the propensity of the Xbox to generate temperature.

Overheating occurs in the Integrated Chips surrounding the CPU and GPU. One cause can be the use of an X-clamp method of mounting instead of the traditional way. This result in an uneven pressure placed on the GPU and CPU chips. The importance of the even pressure is to sustain the amount of heat generated by the Xbox. The heat inside can cause the motherboard to flex exaggeratedly when used for a long time during its operation.

The extreme flexing of the motherboard can force misalign the GPU pins contact with the board, thus resulting to Xbox 360 1 red light error.

The flexing action emphasizes the line cracks in the solder, drawing the solder to be apart, thus breaking the continuity and later leads to other errors. In addition to this is the cooling system used in the Xbox 360.

There are several things that can be tried to fix this problem.

First is to let the Xbox cool down after exhausting it from overuse. Wait until it cools and don’t turn on when the console is still hot. Check if the Xbox is very well ventilated or if the ventilations are still open and no blockage are causing the overheating.

Then, try restarting the Xbox. If the initialization failed, turn the console off and unplug all the AV cables and power connected in the console. Reconnect all cables and try turning on the Xbox. This should make a quick fix inside. If the Xbox 360 1 red light behavior persists, try resetting the hard drive. This should do the trick.

To prevent this Xbox 360 1 red light problem from recurring, do these preventive measures: Make sure the ventilations are not blocked or any openings for air found in the Xbox 360 console; Do not place the Xbox on any soft surface, a bed or couch, that may cause blockage of the air passage; Do not place your unit in a confined space where heat can accumulate, such as a rack, bookcase, or a cabinet, unless air circulates the area; Do not place the Xbox 360 near any source of heat, such as a stove, amplifier or radiator.

If the Xbox 360 is still covered under a warranty, it is strongly recommended to seek the help of a technical specialist who can assist you in your dilemma. In that way, the situation will not get worst. It can also get you back on your game in no time.


Source by John Oleander