Three Red Flashing Lights on Xbox 360- Things You Can Do to Fix It


Millions of gamers are crazy about xbox 360, an expensive and popular game console. It is one of the best video game consoles in the market that is why it is a must have for most gamers. Despite of its popularity and outstanding features, you will still encounter a few problems with it like the blinking red lights problem. The three red flashing lights on xbox 360 means there is a hardware problem on your game console.

Encountering red lights error on your xbox 360 can be very disappointing because your unit will not function if the red lights are still there. This is a common problem for this game console but there are things that you can do to solve the three red flashing lights on xbox 360.

One thing that you can do is send it back to its manufacturer if the unit is still under warranty. Although you have to pay for the shipment, the manufacturer will repair it for you free of charge. You need patience in waiting for the return of the repaired unit because it may take several weeks.

If your unit is no longer under warranty, you have two options to get rid of the three red flashing lights on xbox 360. One option is send it back to the manufacturer and pay for the repair which may cost more than $140 plus of course you have to pay for the shipment. Another option is follow a do-it-yourself repair guide and repair your xbox 360 at home.

If you will take the option of repairing your unit at home, of course you need a comprehensive guide on how to fix the three red flashing lights on xbox 360. Your game console is a complicated piece of electronic device and you need the advice of experts on how to repair it. To fix your xbox 360 using the troubleshooting guide made by experts, visit Fix Your XBox360.


Source by Gerry Restrivera