The Lowdown on the Xbox 360 Three Red Lights Error


The XBox 360 three red lights error is so called, because when the console suffers from a hardware failure, then three of the LED’s on the front panel start to flash on and off, oh, and of course your console stops working. For those of you who are lucky enough to have your XBox 360 still under warranty, then you can, of course, just call Microsoft and they will repair or replace it for you. However, the XBox 360 three red lights error normally occurs on older models, before the problem was addressed at the manufacturing stage, and therefore many of the consoles that suffer from this error are now out of warranty.

So, what do you do with your expensive doorstop. Well, you can send it to a number of repair shops who will charge you anything up to $140.00 to fix the XBox 360 three red lights error, or you can try and fix it yourself. You may be surprised to learn that, in most cases, the XBox 360 three red lights error, can be fixed using few simple household tools, and about an hour of your time. There are a few steps involved, and one special ‘trick’ employed that is vital to the success of the XBox 360 three red lights error fix, but most people should manage it with great success.

There are also some downright silly, and potentially dangerous fixes for the XBox 360 three red lights error to be found on various websites. Most of these will, at best be a temporary fix, and one in particular could be downright dangerous. When I tell you that the XBox 360 three red lights error is normally caused by the console overheating, and thaqt this particular fix involves wrapping your aloready hot console in a thich towel, then you should be able to see that this is a recipe for a potentially fiery disaster.

This problem has already costs Microsoft over $1 BILLION to fix, but it shouldnt cost you any more than about $45 if you get a good guide and some basic equipment.


Source by Dave Simpson

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