PS3 YLOD Repair – How To Repair The Playstation 3 Yellow Light of Death Error


If You are looking to find out how to repair your Yellow Light of Death error on your PS3 console then you will want to read this article to find out just what you will need to resolve this and even find out how this fault happens in the first place. After reading this article I hope you will have a better understanding of the cause of the PS3 YOLD and you will be able to continue with the great gaming experience the Playstation 3 has to offer.

The Yellow Light of Death error has has been reported to be happening more frequently lately and has been compared to the Xbox 360 red ring of death which is caused by the console overheating. You will know when you have the Yellow Light of Death error by the light on the front console instead of getting the normal light you will see the light turns green, you will also hear bleeps and then the light turns orange and red immediately afterwards. Even though a lot of people are putting the fault down to overheating inside the console, there are a few other possible causes to this very annoying problem. After you have checked all the physical connections on the Playstation you have a few options left to try.

If your Playstation 3 is still under warrenty you may be able to have it repaired without paying, but if you have your console for more than 1 year it will cost you more than $150 to have it repaired at a Sony repair centre. Even then you will not be guaranteed to receive your own console back again and it usually takes over 4 weeks for the return.

The second option you have is to fix the error yourself using a detailed guide which makes the whole process very easy. I have used the Playstation 3 Repair Guide myself and found it very informative and gets right to the point of fixing many associated PS3 errors. Save yourself a lot of money by repairing the Yellow Light of Death yourself without needing any special skills.


Source by Vincent Moore