PS3 Ylod Fix – Fix My Yellow Light Of Death Error On Playstation 3


Got the PS3 Ylod error? Want the yellow light of death error to be gone? You’ve basically got 2 ways to get rid of problems like this however, only 1 option can be the winner. The options are: 1. Send your Playstation 3 over to Sony. 2. Fix the yellow light of death error by yourself with a repair guide.

PS3 Ylod Fix By Sony?

This options sound so… Good… Right? Well, let me tell your something… It’s not… Want to know why? Because of 2 reasons that matters a lot. The price, and the waiting time. You see, when you are actually sending your console over to Sony, you will have to pay them $150 if your warranty has been expired. Also, you will have to wait for literally weeks before you can get your Playstation 3 back. Mostly it’s 2-4 weeks that you’ll have to wait, but many people had to wait for more than 1 month.

 PS3 Ylod Fix By Myself With A Repair Guide?

 Basically, this is your best option because it’s cheap fast and it will be an easy Ps3 ylod fix if you use a Playstation 3 repair guide. It’s highly recommended to use a repair guide… Because… It basically takes out all the guess work. It contains step by step instructions and also highly detailed pictures from the yellow lights of death error. When you do this, you won’t have to pay $150 because you only have to spend a couple of bucks on the repair guide. Also, you won’t have to wait for weeks. In fact, it’s high likely that the PS3 ylod fix will be done within 1 day or even within 1 hour. Want this also? Visit: repairs for Ps3

 So the best option is…to perform a ps3 ylod fix by yourself… As I’ve said before, if you want to do this, it’s helpful to have some guidance. That’s why I’d recommend you to use a Playstation 3 repair guide. If you want more information and tips about the yellow light of death error and how to fix this problem, visit: Yellow lights fix on PS3


Source by Rick Tana