Ps3 Yellow Light Repair – How To Fix Light Of Death On Playstation 3?


Got the Ps3 yellow light? It’s quite a shame isn’t? You put on your console, and all of a sudden, you are stunned because you can’t do anything anymore. You want this problem to be fixed… Right? Well, you can do 2 things to solve problems like this. 1. Send your console over to Sony. 2. Perform a Ps3 repair by yourself.

Repair My Ps3 Yellow Light By Sony?

This sounds like the best option right? But in fact, it’s the worse. You see, when you are sending your PS3 with the yellow light of death for repairs to Sony, you will have to pay $150. But, this is only needed if your warranty has been expired. Another thing that you can’t forget about, are the waiting times. You will have to wait for 3-6 weeks before your console will be repaired.

Repair My Ps3 Yellow Light By Myself With A Playstation 3 Repair Guide?

 This is actually the cheapest and the fastest option that you’ve got. Also, the repairs can be made easy if you use a repair guide. It’s highly recommended to use a repair guide because it gives you step by step instructions. And to make the Ps3 repair even more easier… There are detailed photo’s and videos coming along with the guide. When you do this you won’t have to pay $150, but it’s not for free either. You still have to spend a little money on the repair guide. Also, there are no waiting times involved. In fact, it’s high likely that you’ll be done within 1 day or even within 1 hour. See it for yourself. Visit: Playstation 3 yellow light guide

So if you want your Ps3 yellow light repair to be cheap, quick and easy. Do it yourself with the help from a repair guide. If you want more information and tips about sending your console to Sony, or to do it yourself? Visit: Ps3 Ylod Fix By…?


Source by Rick Tana