Ps3 Blu Ray Problems Fix


Got Ps3 blu ray problems? It’s annoying isn’t? You want to play your games and suddenly you can’t play them anymore because your PS3 blu ray player has problems. So… Now there’s 1 question left… Can you repair it? To fix the PS3 blu ray problems, you could do 2 things. 1. Send your console over to Sony 2. Fix the troubleshooter yourself.

Fix My Ps3 Blu Ray Problems By Sony?

 When you are doing this, you will have to keep in mind 2 things. It costs you lots of money, and it will take some weeks before it’s fixed. Let me be a little bit more specific on this. When you send your console over to Sony, you will have to wait for 2-6 weeks. The waiting time is this high because of the shipping and handling. Also, you will have to pay $150. But, this is only necessary if your warranty has been expired.

Fix My Ps3 Blu Ray Problems By Myself?

Actually, if you want my opinion… This is the best option that you’ve got. This is because it’s cheap, quick and it will be an easy repair too if you use a Playstation 3 repair guide. It’s highly recommended that if you want to do this, to get yourself a Playstation 3 repair guide. This is because it gives you step by step instructions that’s also coming along with very detailed photo’s. Eventually, you will need this because you need to know what should be fixed. Take a look what this guide will do for you : Playstation 3 Repair Guide

Also, you won’t have to pay $150, and you don’t have to wait for weeks either. In fact, it’s high likely that the repairs will be done within 1 day, or even within 1 hour. It’s done before, so you could do it too! Want to play games again… Today? Visit: Fix Ps3 Blue Ray Problems


Source by Rick Tana