PS3 3 Beeps Flashing Red Light Fix-How to Fix the PS3


The PS3 3 beeps flashing red light problem usually indicates that the console has overheated. The following tips will help you fix the PS3.

PS3 Flashing Red Light Fix- Tips

1) Turn off your console. Leave it to cool for 20 minutes. Afterwards move it to a more ventilated area and place it on a hard flat surface. Never place it on a carpet since they trap the heat and block the vents. This increases the chances of the PS3 overheating.

2) Check your PS3 vents for dust. Dust will obstruct the airflow going through the PS3 making it harder for the console to cool effectively and can lead to the PS3 3 beeps with flashing red light problem. You can remove dust from the vents by using a hand vac. If dusty vents are the problem then this will give you a PS3 3 beeps with flashing red light fix.

3) Is there anything blocking or stuck in the fan? Turn off your PS3 system then unplug it. Check the fan for any obstructions-hair, dust, bugs, etc.

If none of these things fix your PS3 then you have a more serious problem such as dust build up on the inside of the PS3.Dust inside the console will also make it harder for the PS3 to keep cool. If none of the tips work, you are left with 2 options to get a PS3 3 beeps with flashing red light fix: Send your console to Sony or get a good PS3 repair guide and fix the PS3 yourself.

Sending your console to Sony seems like a good idea right? The creators will be fixing the PS3 3 beeps with flashing red light problem and they will give you a 3 month warranty. However it’ll cost you $150 (unless your PS3 is under warranty). That’s half the cost of a new slim! Also you will have to wait 4-6 weeks to get your console back. That’s a major problem especially if you are only on vacation for a few weeks. Think of the playing time you’ll be missing out on! I recommend this method to persons whose consoles are still under warranty since you open your PS3 you will void the warranty.

The cheaper and faster way for those whose console’s warranty has run out is to get a good PS3 repair guide to get a PS3 3 beeps with flashing red light fix. Many good repair guide cost less than $50 and feature: -step by step instructions with pictures and videos to help you understand what to do -some sort of support such as email support or a members’ area… or both: so you can ask for help if you encounter problem when trying to fix the PS3. -Money back guarantee, so if the guide doesn’t work, you can get your money back


Source by Jase