Playstation 3 No Video Fix


Got the Playstation 3 no video problem? Want to get it fixed? This problem is caused by your blu-ray lens and it might be hard to fix. That’s why many people will tell you to send your console over to Sony and pay $150 for the repair. But is there really no other way to do this? Yes there is, you can also do it yourself with a Ps3 repair guide. Sure, the problem may be tough to fix, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fix it!

Some tips that may fix your Playstation 3 no video error

1) Restart your console.

2) Plug out all cables, and get them back in.

3) Put out your hard-drive, and get it back in. repeat this step a couple of times.

 If these tips didn’t fix your Playstation 3 no video problem, then you’ve got 2 options left. Either send your console over to Sony, or you fix the troubleshooter yourself with a Ps3 repair guide.

Fix Playstation 3 no video problem by Sony? As I’ve said before, this option is really, really expensive. When you do this, you’ll have to either use your warranty, and if that’s expired, you will have to pay $150 for the repairs. Also, the waiting times are quite long. You will have to wait for 2-6 weeks before your console is repaired… So you’d better want to avoid this option… Right?

Playstation 3 no video fix by yourself with a repair guide

 If you’re looking for a fast, cheap and an easy fix, then you won’t have to search anymore because this option has it all! It’s highly recommended that if you want to do this, to use a Ps3 Repair Guide

This guide will give you step by step instructions so you’ll be able to fix your Playstation 3 no video problem on the easy way! When you do this, you won’t have to pay $150 for the repairs. You only have to pay a couple of bucks for the repair guide… That’s it! Also, there are no waiting times involved. It’s high likely that you’ll be done within a couple of hours, or even within 1 hour. This means that you will be able to play your favourite game again with your friends… Today! Do you want this? Visit: Ps3 Repair Guide


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