Nintendo Wii mod chip


The very first mod chips were developed for Sony’s PlayStation 2 in order to make it compatible with older games and games on DVD-R discs. The success and the popularity of these ensured that mod chips are now developed for any and all gaming consoles.

Mod Chip Choice

There are a number of mod chips available on the market today for the Nintendo Wii and you can choose the chip you would like to install in order to play the games of your choice. Nintendo Wii currently has thousands of titles available worldwide, but being region lock consoles, each region is only allowed to read the games from that specific region.

Nintendo Wii mod chips now enable users to unlock the power of their consoles. Mod chip owners are now able to run homebrew software, play legal back up games, play different region discs and also install third party applications onto their Wii.

Serial Numbers

Potentially the best way to uncover the version of the Nintendo Wii you may have without voiding your warranty is to check the serial number.

Any serial number that is LAH101XXX to LAH109XXX can be modified without too much hassle for trained and experiences technicians. For those consoles that carry serial number LAH109XXX and greater, the actual DVD-ROM motherboard is covered with a thick hard black resin that only experienced technicians with sophisticated equipment can remove.

Mod Chips Compatible with Wii

Repair Central now has the ultimate solutions for those gamers who enjoy buying cheap games overseas or running and developing homebrew applications. After the release of the Nintendo Wii consoles, the Homebrew Development team, who has brought us mod chips for the Playstation 2 and XBOX 1 console platforms, developed a series of code breakers that enable the invention of mod chips compatible with the Nintendo Wii.

Currently Nintendo has released six versions of the Nintendo Wii and each time they reinvent their board, the team at Repair Central work day and night to find a new way of unlocking the power within the Nintendo Wii.

Repair Central stocks the latest, most up-to-date chips, which enable users to explore and create a whole new experience with their Nintendo Wii. To know more about Repair Central and how they can help you with mod chips for your Nintendo Wii, please visit their website at


Source by Penelope Slater