Fix Xbox 360 1 Red Light Repair Secrets


The Xbox 360 1 red light error is one of the most frequent problems on the Xbox 360 platform. Today you are departing to learn the appalling, yet straightforward reason behind it, also what steps you need to take to be capable to fix it and get back to playing games or going on Xbox Live once again.

On the whole, the cause the Xbox 360 1 red light takes place is because of DVD or hard drive errors. At the same time as these are not as ordinary as graphics card go wrong (which account for most occurrence of the “red ring of death” trouble) there are enough numbers of DVD and hard drive troubles that the concern has turn out to be quite a major irritation for Microsoft.

Consequently, if you have one red light in the power ring of your Xbox 360, you can be sure that this difficulty is reasoned by a hard drive error or a DVD problem. The next step in fixing the difficulty is to conclude accurately which element the difficulty is with, i.e. whether the error is being reasoned by a hard drive error, or whether it is being reasoned by a DVD drive error.

To do this you require checking with the error code which takes place on your TV screen when you attempt to turn your console on. If the code exhibited is E67, E69, or E79 then it is a hard drive difficulty. If it is E64, E65 or E66 then it is a DVD drive difficulty, which is somewhat easier to fix. Nevertheless, usually both of these errors are remedied by re-attaching the connector show the way which can come loose, or by regulating the “X” clamps on your console’s motherboard.


Source by Robert Blackmen