Xbox Vs Ps3


Today, the world of gamers has two parties. One party is the lover of Microsoft Xbox 360 and the other party loves Sony’s Play Station 3. What about you? Have you decide which video gaming console to pick for yourself and your family? Not decided yet? Well, do not let anybody else take the decision for you. All anybody else can do is tell you the different aspects of both these gaming machines but the last decision has to be purely yours. Here are some valuable details about both Xbox 360 and PS3.

Let us first talk about the price of both these machines. Since the arrival of the PS3, the prizes of the next-generation video gaming consoles have dropped drastically. Now, the PS3 is available for $399 for its 80 GB version and for $499 for its 160 GB version. However, it is not advised to pay extra $100 for such a huge memory. Except the memory, the two versions are more or less the same. In future, even if you need to extend the memory, you can do so adding a 320 GB laptop drive that comes at a low price of $80. As far as the Xbox 360 is concerned, Microsoft has considerably dropped its price. It is available at $299 for a 60 GB version and $399 for 120 GB version. Again, unless you desperately need the extra space, there is no point spending that extra $100.

When it comes about the performance – it becomes a subjective opinion, as everybody has its own criteria. You need to play on both PS3 and Xbox 360 to feel the experience. It is somehow similar to buying a car. Can you trust on your friend’s opinion about the performance of a car and buy it blindly? Of course, you will go for the test drive. Do the same while buying the best video gaming console for yourself. Both of them come with different games and thus it depends solely on you and your preference. Do check out the latest games added in the latest versions of PS3 and Xbox 360 before picking any one.

The online support for the Xbox 360 can be concluded as better than that of the PS3. This is so because Xbox has been in the market for more time and more people still love to buy it. This is why you will find more games more Xbox 360 than those of Play Station 3. The Xbox 360 is better for those who love to play online games. PS3 is better for those who own an HDTV and wish to see Blu-Ray movies. So, depending upon what matters to you depends the conclusion of which is the best.

Summary: Both video gaming consoles – Xbox 360 and PS3 have their own “pros and cons” and one needs to look into them. Making a decision of which one to pick is entirely a subjective matter. The best way is to know about the feature of both these consoles and decide which one to buy.


Source by Chander shekhar Riat