Xbox red ring of death fix answers


Xbox Red Ring of Death Fix

The Xbox 360 three red lights of death problem is one of the most common faults that the Xbox suffers from. It is also the one that can be the hardest to repair. Unless you know what you are doing.

This error is caused by a combination of overheating and other factors.

Send it back to Microsoft so you do not invalidate the warranty.

There are some steps you can take to carry out an Xbox red ring of death fix yourself and you do not need any technical knowledge to do it.

#1 If this is the first time you have seen this problem you can power down the console and leave it off until it is completely cold. Then switch it back on again. If this doesn’t work proceed to the next step.

The temperature then rises quickly causing the unit to overheat and shut down with the three red lights.

People have tried many fixes for this including wrapping the unit in a wet towel to cool it down. This only serves to make it overheat even quicker as no cool air enters the console.

The best way to fix this red light of death error is with a step by step video guide that will show you with video and audio how to repair this error permanently without any technical knowledge.

If your Xbox 360 is failing with 3 red lights here is the #1 solution for the Xbox red ring of death fix this is guaranteed to fix the problem click here to get your Xbox working now.


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