Xbox 360 Ring of Death


Much has been said about the Xbox 360 ring of death fiasco that has run rapid in the last few years.  That name itself is the nickname of a common set of problems that has rendered this game console unusable due to a number of technical problems that can and do go wrong. These problems leading to the Xbox 360 ring of death can be anything from discs becoming scratched to complete and utter failure resulting in flashing lights.

The Xbox 360 ring of death is so widespread and so frustrating that there have even been legal threats to Microsoft for reasonable compensation to those affected. No doubt, it is beyond frustrating. The amount of time spent to earn the amount of money necessary for such a luxury is no laughing matter. So when you have finally paid your dues, to have to look at the flashing Xbox 360 ring of death glaring back at you with a blank screen on your TV is not a welcome sight.

These flashing lights appear around the power button of your game console in lieu of the four green lights that should be indicating normal operation. No doubt, gamers are not the most responsible bunch of people. (I know I’m not) But we take pride in our game systems and are more or less offended when we have to stare at the Xbox 360 ring of death unexpectedly.

There is much debate about the cause of the Xbox 360 ring of death occurrence. No doubt throughout your Google search you have found many opinions that it is a product of overheating that has caused this unfortunate situation. Throughout my travels of trying to find out what works and what doesn’t, I have found many intriguing theories about how to fix or repair the Xbox 360 ring of death.

The strangest fix tip I have encountered for the Xbox 360 ring of death situation is as follows:

  • First, get two large towels.
  • Turn your 360 on.
  • Wrap them up tight around your game console.
  • The idea is TO overheat the Xbox.
  • Leave it on for 15 minutes.
  • Unwrap the Xbox
  • Power it off
  • Let it cool another 15 minutes

After a 15 minute cool down, power it back up and bam! You’re back in the game in no time… or so I have heard. The Xbox 360 ring of death could not possibly be fixed by using the same technique that likely lead to its demise. I have reason to suspect that perhaps it was a large company who put out that silly rumor in the first place. After all, when one sends them something to repair, they get more money.  Makes you wonder if they like the Xbox 360 ring of death situation after all.

Frankly, that is LAME. This silly quick fix for the Xbox 360 ring of death problem sounds crazy but to me it’s even crazier to send the box back to the people who poorly made it in the first place. It seems like to me, the best solution is to fix it yourself.


Source by Bailey