Xbox 360 Red Light Repair When It Turns Orange


The power supply light in your Xbox 360 gaming console flashes different colors to denote its status during use. The three colors employed by the ring of lights around the power button may be green, red, or orange. Green is what everyone should be seeing during gameplay as this indicates that the console is working properly, though it may not directly guarantee that the disc inserted is. Troubleshooting unread discs would have to be discussed in another article. Red, on the other hand, indicates that the power supply may be abnormally powered, or overheated. Orange however, occurs because of two main reasons. Here is a quick guide when your Xbox 360 red light repair turns orange instead.

The first, and probably the most common reason would be for the fact that the main console is on standby mode. The ring of light flashes a constant orange when turned off, but not totally unplugged from a power source. This should be fairly non-alarming as it is a normal occurrence.

Another reason would be that the power has been disconnected from the main console, which would only merit a few seconds of lighting time in orange before shutting off completely. This may also be considered that the power cord from the outlet to the power supply may not be properly connected, therefore providing inadequate energy to supply to your unit.

The real problem of having your Xbox 360 red light repair turn orange starts when the console still does not turn on after reinserting the power supply properly and turning on the Xbox 360 unit. This becomes a trouble after unsuccessful attempts to test the power by plugging it into another outlet of the same correct voltage.

Testing for connectivity for the power supply would be to first unplug the unit from the wall outlet, or perhaps from an automatic voltage regulator. You may check if the gaming console is unusually hotter than usual, and check for ample ventilation. Another is to see if the gaming unit is not situated in places with so much other appliances plugged into the same power source than it as it may cause undercurrent or over loading of the circuitry.

If any of these does not work, better start hopping over to the nearest repair shop for gaming consoles to have that unit quickly assessed in a more advanced level.


Source by Jonathan Boettcher

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