Xbox 360 Kinect vs ps3 Move


November is seeing the release of the much anticipated Kinect for Microsoft’s xbox 360.  Sony had also relatively recently weighed in with their own motion-sensing device, Playstation Move.  That can only spell one thing: Xbox 360 Kinect vs Ps3 Move – The Duel!

Xbox has what appears to be a more revolutionary device in the Kinect.  It utilizes full body motion capture, whereas the Playstation Move captures a remote device, so I would think the possibilities in future with the Kinect and a host of excellent third-party support, would make the mouth water.

The Kinect is essentially one device which senses your whole body’s movement without the aid of a controller being held.  It has a very sophisticated 3D depth sensor built into it.  The Move, on the other hand, requires you to have a remote Move controller, which can only operate along with an EyeToy.

At this stage, the majority of releases are the interactive dance and fun sports based titles.  There are said to be a host of big titles released early next year so we’ll have the chance to see who comes out victorious in the gaming stakes.

Whilst the Playstation Move is retailing at around a lower price than the Kinect (£30 for Move starter pack compared to £130 for the Kinect), the Kinect has great potential with there being the possibility to use it as a stand-alone device (i.e. without the use of the Xbox 360).  The Move however relies on the ps3 being used for it to operate.  You can also rest assured the pricing will become a little more competitive in the holiday period.

If right now I were to pick a winner in the Xbox 360 Kinect vs Ps3 Move


Source by Chris Jennings