Xbox 360 E74 Error Repair


The Xbox 360, although one of the greatest gaming systems in the world, is known to have a few niggling issues. The Xbox 360 e74 error repair is a prominent demand due to this problem occuring on many Xbox consoles worldwide.

The Xbox 360 e74 Error can be attributed to an audio/video problem as a result of a hardware malfunction. Unlike the standard 1, 2 or 3 red ring, the e74 error can usually be identified with a single red or flash light. This would be located on the lower right hand quarter as well as multiple screen errors displayed in various languages.

This type of problem can sound rather serious but it actually something that can be repaired with little time and effort. Yet people resort to taking some unnecessary steps just to have their Xbox 360 working again.

The first mistake you shouldn’t make is to send the system off to Microsoft. Although this may sound like the best action it can be extremely costly and will take several months to have the problem sorted.

The next mistake many people make is after doing some research online they attempt to wrap the console in a dry towel. By doing this you are effectively overheating the system and forcing it into an automatic reset. Be warned thought, in most cases this method does not work for the e74 error due to the fact that the problem may be more than just a heating one. Any attempt to use the towel method could result in long term damage and further instances of red light errors.

Without doubt, readily available e74 error repair kits are the way to go. There are multiple cheap kits you can purchase online that will take you step-by-step through the e74 repair process. Most of the time the repairs will take under an hour if not quicker so it’s definitely the most attractive option for any gamer.


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