Xbox 360 E74 Error Fix


The Xbox 360 is one of the greatest gaming consoles in the world. Top level graphics, sound and feature make it the ultimate gaming machine however being loaded with so much grunt ultimately means a few issues will occur. The console has typically been plagued with issues and one of the main ones is that of the e74 errors.

The Xbox 360 e74 Error can attributed to an audio/video fault due to a hardware malfunction. You may typically see red flashing on the lower quarter (right) as well as several error messages in various languages. It can also be known as the 1 red ring of death a name taken from the original red ring of death.

This may sound very serious but luckily it can be easily repaired with little time and effort but many people make some grave mistakes making the issue more complicated than it actually is.

The first mistake you shouldn’t make is to panic or try anything drastic. Nor does it require you to send the console back to Microsoft which could take many months until you have your system back and working again. The other problem with sending it off to Microsoft is that if the system is older than a few years old you will need to pay several hundred dollars to have this fixed making this option a absolute pain.

The next mistake many people make is after doing some internet research they learn to wrap the system in a towel. The wrapping in a towel method is specifically designed to overheat your system and in turn forcing it into an automatic reset. However be warned that in most cases this does not work as an e74 repair as the problem may be more than just a heating one. Your attempts to do this will be detrimental to fixing the unit and can cause long term damage.

Repair kits are the without doubt are the best way to go about fixing the Xbox 360 e74 error. There are many cheap kits you can purchase which will show you how to fix the e74 error in under and hour. Purchasing one of these kits is straight forward and super cheap plus most come with step-by-step videos showing you the exact steps you need to take.


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