Xbox 360 DVD Repair and How to Do It


The Xbox 360’s DVD drive is an important component of the console, yet can quite easily get damaged from being used a lot, or perhaps from other ways such as too much dust and so on. A great way to see if any damage was actually done to your consoles drive is to open it up, and see for yourself if there are any problems with it.

This way you can repair, or replace (if necessary) the hard drive and get back to gaming as soon as possible. Below are some steps you can take to get rid of this problem with your Xbox 360.

1) Turn off and unplug your console from the electrical outlet.

2) Remove the screws from your console and lift off the top cover.

3) Locate the DVD drive. From above, it should look like a silver box.

4) Remove the screws that hold the DVD drive and your gaming system together. There should be three of them.

5) Once done, take hold of the drive and remove the two screws located on it.

6) Push in the catches that are located on both sides of the drive. Once done, the cover should lift off.

7) If you notice any physical problems or damage on the drive, then you may have to consider replacing the drive itself.

8) You can try cleaning off both lasers within the DVD drive using a cotton swab and cloth.

9) Once done, reassemble your Xbox 360.

The above steps are to help extend the life of your Xbox 360 DVD drive and to help make the game playing experience on your console a much smoother one. If for whatever reason you don’t notice any problems with your DVD drive and your gaming system is still giving you difficulties, then the problem may actually be something different.

Now, if you aren’t sure what to do, then you may want to have Microsoft take a look at your console, see what the problem is, and then have it repaired. Take note though that it’s possible that it could take up to one month or more before you get your gaming system back. Also, the repair is free only if your warranty is not expired. If it is expired though, it’s not free. That being said, take care, and good luck!


Source by Andres Garcia