Why you should get the new Xbox 360 Slim!


Welcome, to the new Xbox 360 slim!

Free Xbox 360 slim

The Free Xbox 360 slim is the latest release from Microsoft. This is the new, slimmer and quieter Xbox 360 slim.

Microsoft confirmed this at the E3 2010 conference, Im addition to it having a gorgeous, angular new case, the new free Xbox 360 slim features a whisper-quiet design, where they have gotten rid of the two small fans at the back, and gone with 1 big fan, which will not only keep your free xbox 360 slim cool, but much more quiet to.

There are now 3 USB ports at the back of the console, and 2 on the front, brining the new total to 5 instead of just 3! there is also one USB port which is designed to give out more power for the new Kinetic, which is Mircrosofts new hands free controler system!

The Xbox 360 slim has built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi, so you no longer have to buy the wirless accessorie and you can pocket the money instead! the free xbox 360 slim also includes a internal 250GB hard drive. when you get your Xbox 360 slim, you will also get a free wireless controller and headset.

With the new Design and the new arrangment of the internal compartments of the Xbox 360 Slim, you can expect this to be one of the best re-designs for a console that there has ever been!

The free Xbox 360 slim is a step forward for all Xbox 360 users, so why not get your own free Xbox 360 slim today!

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