Which Game Console Should You Buy? Playstation 3 or Xbox 360?


Sony’s playstation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 are two of the most popular game consoles nowadays. Confused about which console has better capabilities and features, video game players always seek suggestions and advice about which one they should buy. We will discuss several points to help you make your decision.


With a more powerful GPU, Xbox 360 is the winner for graphics. It has more pixel and vertex processing horsepower then Playstation 3. Although Playstation 3 also did a good job, if you look at multiplatform games and compare the graphics on both consoles, Xbox 360 almost always leads. Games often look better or play smoother on the Xbox 360.


While tons of money has been poured into building the Xbox 360, it is subject to a number of technical problems such as the three “flashing red lights” problem. The high failure rate of Xbox 360 has got a bunch of complains from video game players. One the other hand, Playstation 3 is much more stable with few technical problems reported.

Game Selection:

Xbox 360 has a much more expanded game selection but it does have some bugs. The Playstation 3 is now coming out with more and more games like Grand Theft Auto IV and Metal Gear Solid 4.

Media Support:

Playstation 3 comes with an array of data storage and transfer features which supports numerous forms of portable media. Xbox 360, in comparison, doesn’t have as much in the way of media support


If you would like to watch movies on these two game consoles, you may consider this point valuable. In this aspect, Playstation 3 wins. Not only does it have integrated Blu-Ray capability, it is also a superior movie player to start. Xbox 360, on the other hand, doesn’t provide an environment as comfortable as Playstation 3 by requiring an extra HD-DVD player to watch movies.

We have discussed several points in helping you decide which game console you should buy. If you are interested in more information, you can check out PlaystationSale.com for Hot Deals of Playstation 3.


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