Ways to Password Protect Your USB Flash Drive and Keep Your Data Safe & Sound


USB Flash drives are handy things. They’re easier to move around than a complete computer, which makes them great for transferring files between home and office or for transporting all those holiday snaps to your friends and relatives. But if you’ve got data on your drive that you’d like to keep private, how can you password protect your USB flash drive?

At least part of the answer depends on whether you want to protect the complete flash drive or just bits of it.

If all your systems use the latest version of Windows, there’s a chance that you can right click on a folder on your drive, select properties and then choose the Security tab. But this isn’t recommended unless you have quite a bit of knowledge about Windows security settings.

Next up, if you’ve been careful enough to keep the original packaging, is to see whether your USB stick came with any security software. Some does, some doesn’t and it’s the kind of thing that gets cut out when manufacturers want to keep their prices as keen as possible. But you might be in luck, in which case fire up the software and see whether it has a user-friendly interface that you can use quickly and easily.

The other main option is to get hold of some security software that will lock your USB drive up so that it’s almost as safe as Fort Knox.

Whichever method you choose, remember that you’ll be asked to use the same password you set to lock the drive up in order to be able to reopen it. It’s too embarrassing to think that you go to all the trouble of locking up your drive from unwanted users only to have to try to hack back into it yourself!


Source by Trevor Johnson