Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen tablet Review


Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen tablet Review

Every month a passle of new services hit the internet marketplace. Many are just ho-hum repeats or rehashes of what’s already there, but some distinguish themselves by high user acceptance and so are worth 2nd look. Among those which are in the business of pen tablets, there’s a product called Wacom Bamboo Fun pen tablet that is definitely attracting attention.

There are 3 different features that set Wacom Bamboo Fun pen tablet apart from the other players in the pack. Those features are Multi user Technology, over 1000 levels of pressure technology and compatibility . Let’s discuss each one of those functions, in turn.

Multi user technology allows the user to use either the battery free pen with the tablet or the touch flow sensors giving you the ability to completely replace your mouse

Pressure sensitivity get the feel of real paper by adjusting the pressure for finer more detailed work

Compatibility: The Bamboo Fun pen tablet can be used on Mac’s or PC’s and works great with graphics program such as Photoshop. For those the don’t have Photoshop it comes bundled with a lite version of this award winning software.

Nothing is perfect, including Wacom Bamboo Fun pen tablet. Most likely the main drawback for the Wacom Bamboo Fun pen tablet setup is Fast and easy.

The bottom line here is that Wacom Bamboo Fun pen tablet has an excellent product loaded with superior features along with a fast-growing new client list. If you’re in any respect active in its class of use, it could be well worth having a closer look at it, perhaps even try it out. A large number of happy clients are seldom wrong… You can find all the details at www.pentabletreviews.com


Source by Benny Mills