Top Video Game Testing Companies


Job of a Lifetime: Video Game Testing Companies

The job of your dreams is a career in video games. You’ve played games on all the platforms, consoles and handheld devices known to man. You are a video game genius, and you want to be able to make money doing something you’re passionate about. Video game testing is a huge industry, but game testers are a pretty elite bunch. You can’t just walk in off the street and ask to play a game for money. It takes skill, experience, persistence, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to land a game tester job.

Since the Nintendo first hit the US market in 1985, there have been thousands of Nintendo game testers that have come and gone, and you want to be in on the game testing action. So where do you go to pursue a job as a Nintendo game tester or Xbox game tester?

The Lowdown on Nintendo Video Game Testers and Xbox Game Testers

Believe it or not, video game testing companies aren’t really into advertising for Nintendo game testers, or Xbox game testers. They want to be able to weed out the quality applicants without having to spend months sifting through resumes that are more of a joke than an actual resume. If you have the skills and experience that will get you noticed you may want to consider putting in a resume at one of the top video game/QA testing companies.

Testronic Laboratories is a QA testing company that specializes in game testing. You may search through their careers website for game tester job openings and find none, but don’t let that stop you from sending in your resume and cover letter.

The same goes for companies like BetaBreakers, and recruiting firms like Stratigi Staffing. You might not find game tester openings, but you need to permeate the HR department with your resume so that when there is an opening, you’re the first one they call.

The current going rate for Nintendo game testers and Xbox game testers is $10 up to $100 an hour. Now, don’t get excited too quickly. The amount of money you’re paid depends on your experience, the game project and the amount of QA testing required. If you have a BS in a computer science field, chances are that your starting rate will be higher than the minimum.

Some avid game players think that landing a Nintendo game tester job only requires that you can beat every game you’ve ever played- as great as that may look on your Facebook account, potential employers will be more impressed by the sold education behind you, game testing experience under your belt, as well as that passion for gaming.

Getting Experience With Video Game Companies

To gain experience in game testing before landing a job with one of the top companies requires that you start with the small fish. There are thousands of games online (social networking applications, phone apps, and free to play games) that need testers. Long before Bejeweled became the addicting globally recognized game it is today, it was tested by game testers- that could be you! This is where the high paid Nintendo game testers and Xbox game testers all got their start.

To get in on the ground floor of the big video game testing companies, you need to have passion, determination, the thumbs of a hitchhiker, and the willingness to start at the bottom and climb your way up. Nintendo game testers and Xbox game testers all started out as gamers with a dream.


Source by Alex Taylor