Top Video Game Consoles


Ever since video games were invented, there’s no stopping its growth, evolving into a whole category in electronics all by itself. According to an electronics Philippines company, everything related to video games is one of the top selling products in the electronics category.

Wikipedia defines a video game console as an interactive entertainment computer or electronic device that produces a video display signal which can be used with a display device to display a video game. With the popularity of these video game consoles, one does not need an expert on electronics Philippines to understand what it is. It has been the game of choice of many indoors type of people. Below are some of the top video game consoles not just in electronics Philippines operations but around the world.

  • Sony PlayStation 3.One of the most expensive video game consoles. It is a high-definition games console with integrated Blu-ray player. Aside from this, it has a user-friendly interface, built-in Wi-Fi, an 80 GB or 40 GB hard drive, free online play, and HDMI output with 1080p support.
  • Nintendo Wii. Different from other video game consoles because it has motion-sensitive controllers. It also has built-in Wi-Fi, free online play, built-in SD slot for storage and photo viewing, and one of the most affordable. This game console puts emphasis on gameplay which makes it the console of choice for those who like to move around.
  • Nintendo DSi. One of the new handheld games console, an improvement of the Nintendo DS Lite. Aside from playing DS and DS Lite games, it’s also capable of AAC music playback, has a larger screen than the DS Lite, an audio player, and a VGA camera.
  • Sony PlayStation Portable. More popularly known as the PSP, it is Sony’s first portable game console. It has a wide-screen display, PS-2 like graphics, built-in Wi-Fi, MP3 and video playback, image viewer, and removable battery. A significant advantage is its capability for competing with other players wirelessly.
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite. An upgrade of the Xbox 360, it comes with 120 GB hard drive, HDMI output, and an excellent selection of games.

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Source by Archie Lopez