Tips for Choosing the Right Curtains


If you’ve got windows, you need curtains.

Well, okay, you might prefer blinds, but without splitting hairs too much you’re certainly going to want some kind of window dressing. You can get all types of curtains to suit all sorts of mood and style and, let’s be honest, sometimes it seems there’s too much choice and you reach the point where you’re sick of the sight and sound of them.

Except you’ve just got to have them.

Believe it or not, curtains can be fun and finding out what types of will best match your lifestyle and go with the rest of your stuff needn’t be a chore.

Here are some tips on deciding which types are for you:

Decide on size: Be sure to take length and width both into account. For all types of, measure your window width and at least double it to get the actual width of fabric you need. Now go for length, which is called ‘drop’ in the language of curtains. Measure from the pole or runner down to wherever you want your fabric to finish. Take these two measurements with you when you go shopping. They’re key. You’ll never get a curtain that fits without them.

Decide on color, or pattern: For smaller windows, you’ll want to choose small patterns. As with your own clothes, the pattern needs to be in proportion to the area it covers. Big patterns may swamp a small window. If possible take a swatch of the color you intend to match or contrast. It’s next to impossible to recall exact shades from memory.

Match form to function: All types of drapes ‘say’ something. Make sure yours are saying the same things as the rest of your room. For example, you won’t want paisley or floral on your windows if you’ve soft black leather fabric on your steel furniture.

Some types of curtains are designed to do specialist window jobs. Here are a few of those:

Thermal – These are such useful and practical types. Like a double-edged sword they cut both ways, keeping warmth in during winter and heat out during summer. These can even act as blackout drapes as an added feature, cutting down on light pollution and helping keep your bedroom dark and snug.

French Door – The most romantic of all types. These can make french doors so irresistible that you feel you just have to go and look out. These can also be tied and arranged in a variety of different ways for great effect. There’s even a nifty french door curtain that puts a french door where there isn’t one.

Bay Window – The grand master of all the types. You have just got to respect a bay window and give it the very best. Bay windows can be dressed either “up” or “down” which is one of the things which makes them classy. It’s your window, your choice, but if you’ve got a bay you’re very lucky.


Source by Tom H Brown

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