Things You Should Take into Consideration when Purchasing a NIC Card


When setting up a local area network (LAN), people often squint towards focusing on those networking devices with a relatively high price, but pay inadequate attention to those low-cost products such as network card and network cables. They always falsely think that inexpensive products may have low technology content, but that is not true. As one of the most important and irreplaceable devices in the networking, the performance of a network adapter directly relates to its capability to transmit data between computers. Therefore, here I share some tips that you should not overlook when purchasing a network adapter.

If your PCI slot is available, you’d better choose a PCI network card. Because an ISA network adapter relatively takes up more resources than a PCI card does. If an ISA card is in use, you will find the computer is slowed down obviously when your network neighborhood visits your resources.

If your computer is in the LAN, well, I would advice you to buy a 10/100M card or a 10M card. Compared with the 10M NIC card, 100M adapter is much faster, but you need a concentrator to support it. If your network adapter is only used for cable broadband networks, 10M adapter is enough.

According to your workstation, you should choose the right net card which bus should be becoming to that on your computer, because the bus capability directly decides how fast information is able to be transferred from the server memory and the hard disk to your net card. And the bus types of network adapters include PCI card, ISA card, EISA card and other net cards. Here we still again recommend choosing the PCI card.

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Source by Molly Smith