The USB external hard drive is better than the Flash drive


With computers becoming a necessity, most of the business houses have computerised most of the business work. They have websites where they display their products and services. They manage their accounts on software such as Tally or customized software, documents and letters are typed in Word while reports are prepared in Excel. Presentations in PowerPoint have become the norm of the day. Internet has become a major tool for advertising and increasing business opportunities. In a nutshell, computers have become a strong necessity and there is loads of data and information, be it in the form of text or images and other details that are stored in it.

With the growth of Internet, there has also been a growth in viruses that infect the computers and damage the data. Here it is necessary to have an external storage device on which we can keep a backup of all such important data. There are external hard drives that come in different sizes and features. The external hard drive is a small enclosure that can be connected to the computer through hi-speed interfaces like USB, eSATA and FireWire. The most commonly used interface is USB. Other than external hard drives, there are other external storage devices, out of which one is Flash drive which is again widely used with USB as interface. In this article, we shall discuss the difference between Flash drive and USB external hard drive.

When you have to decide on the external storage device that you need to buy, you need to assess the amount of space storage capacity that you need for external storage. If your requirement is less than 15GB, then a flash drive can suffice your requirement. However, if your space requirement is high, for instance, around 40-50 GB or more, then an external hard drive will fulfil the purpose. Cost-wise also, the price per GB of external hard drive is cheaper than that of Flash drive.

Having discussed the cost, now let us compare the speed of both the drives. Flash drives generally transfer data at the rate of 25MB per second while, in comparison, a USB external hard drive can transfer data at around 60 MB per second. Therefore, in terms of speed also, a USB external drive is faster than a Flash drive.

When it comes to size, the Flash drive is very small. It can easily fit in the pocket of your shirt while a USB external hard drive may not. But, at times, if something, that is very important, is so small, it can easily be lost as it could just slip out from the pocket if you need to bend or simply run a few yards.

The differences between the two clearly indicate that a USB external hard drive is a better option wherein you can save a lot of data at a cheaper price and work faster.


Source by John Cvetkovic