Running out of space on your Xbox 360? This drive will surely help you out!


Love to rip Cds to MP3s on your Xbox 360? Well, with the collection of your music and photos increasing and with all popular games taking huge disk spaces, if you’re running out of disk space on the small 20 GB hard drive of your Xbox 360 then you have two options. Either get rid of some games, MP3s or photos or you can add a new bigger sized external hard drive to your Xbox 360! If you have painstakingly built your collection of music and photographs and love to show off the levels that you’ve cleared in various games, I’m sure you’d go for the latter option.

Is that really possible?
Yeah, that is possible. And that too officially without voiding the warranty of your Xbox 360. You can easily purchase external hard disks in the size of 120 GB or even 250 GB for your Xbox 360. A 120 GB external hard disk will have six times more capacity over your existing 20 GB hard disk of your Xbox 360. That is a size which will take a decent amount of time to get filled up hence you wouldn’t need an upgrade for a decent amount of time anytime soon.

What is it?
Basically, the 120 GB external hard drive is a 2.5 inch laptop hard drive doing 5400 revolutions per minute enclosed in a casing matching your Xbox 360 and connected using a serial ATA (SATA) port to the Xbox 360. You can choose from various sizes from 40 GB till 250 GB depending upon your budget and requirements.

Well what about the aesthetics of my Xbox 360?
If you don’t want a silly looking thing sticking out of your Xbox 360 then you don’t have to worry. The new 120 GB external hard drive matches the style of the original 20 GB console hard drive of your Xbox 360. Thus, your Xbox looks as fabulous and original without some geeky or freaky mod looks.

What about migration hassles?
Upgrading your Xbox 360 with a new 120 GB external hard drive is very easy and hassle free. You do not need to choose between which files to save and which not. The new 120 GB external hard drive comes with a bundled kit that lets you migrate all your stuff from your 20 GB console hard drive to the new external hard drive. There’s also a bundled cable to allow you to connect the external drive to let you migrate your collection of games, images or songs to the new drive.

So, now you can give your Xbox 360 a new lease of life by upgrading to a new 120 GB external hard drive and increase your storage even more.


Source by Tony (OM Visions)

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