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One of the most irritating experiences that an Xbox 360 user may encounter is that while playing a very exciting game, the Xbox 360 console unit suddenly turns off and when you try to turn it off, 3 red lights are blinking near the power button. Problems with Xbox 360 such as this are annoying and ultimately vexing.

Common problems with Xbox 360 are overheating and the 3 red light problem. Overheating of an Xbox 360 console unit is indicated by 2 flashing red lights near the power button. Meanwhile, the flashing of 3 red lights near the power button indicates the 3 red light problem. This problem means that the console chips that are used in processing have overheated.

The problems with Xbox 360 can be easily solved through various remedies. One is to have it repaired by an Xbox 360 repair service or by Microsoft. This remedy may take some time and may cost a certain amount of money depending on the labor cost and the parts that need to be replaced. Another remedy is to repair it yourself. This is possible by following the guidelines provided in the Xbox repair guide. Make sure that the instructions provided in the Xbox repair guideline are simple and basic. They must be easy to understand and not too technical to ensure the effectivity of the self-repair to be done by the owner.

Indeed, problems with Xbox 360 are quite common especially overheating and the 3 red lights problem. However, various means of repairing it are available based on one’s preferences.

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