Investigation on Xbox 360 Repair Cost


How much is a Xbox 360 repair cost if it is out of warranty? This varies a great deal on different conditions. This article is going to investigate on the cost of Xbox 360 repair of each condition. Please read on.

Microsoft Charges Differently for Different Console.

1. The cost to fix Xbox 360 differs by the way you submit your broken console. If you submit your out-of-warranty console for repair through the Xbox Support Web site, you will benefit from a discounted flat charge of US$99.99. However, if you choose to contact a Support Agent to create a repair on your behalf, an out-of-warranty repair for an Xbox 360 console will cost US$119.99 (plus tax). Which one is better, it depends on you.

2. The cost to repair Xbox 360 differs by how long time you bought the console and what the problem is. If your Xbox 360 console is out of warranty and it has been less than three years from the date that you purchased the console, your repair will be free of charge if there are three flashing red lights problem on the front of the console, or if an E74 error message is displayed on the screen.

Microsoft may test your console for 3 Flashing Red Lights of Error or E74 errors upon receipt at its service center. If your console has not logged a 3 Flashing Red Lights or E74 error, and you are out of the standard manufacturer’s warranty, you will be offered a standard repair at the normal out of warranty fee, which is mentioned above.

If your console is out of warranty and you do not want to pay for it to be repaired, Microsoft will return your console to you unrepaired.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair An Xbox 360 by Yourself?

The cost to repair an Xbox 360 by yourself is consisted of two parts: cost of tools and cost of repair guide. What tools you need to prepare to fix Xbox 360 yourself?

You need a screwdriver, a flat-head screwdriver and a sharp metal object like a small ice pick, metal toothpick or a small screwdriver just something sharp enough to poke into a small opening. They are all common household tools. So if you have already had all these tools, you can save this cost.

How much does a Xbox 360 repair guide cost? You may find lots of repair guides over the Internet and therefore their price is different. But normally, a repair guide will cost you around $30. That is much lower than the Microsoft charges. If you are interested in it, here is a good one for you, James Dean Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix. First Take a look at the Review of Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix Guide Here!


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