How to Upgrade Your Xbox HDD


If you are wondering how to upgrade your Xbox HDD, here is an easy approach.

You would need a few things to help you with the process. You must have chimp installed on your Xbox. Secondly, you would need a Molex y-splitter. If you do not have a y-splitter, you just need to find a way to supply power to the old as well as your new HDD at the same time. Finally, you would need Torx screwdrivers of appropriate sizes to open the Xbox. Make sure to get good quality HDD for your Xbox. You must check the Xbox HDD in advance before opening the Xbox. At the back, you will find a jumper where you will be able to find various options including slave, master and cable select. Here you should select only slave. Using the tore screwdrivers open the Xbox and remove the top. While opening the top, you must unplug your Xbox from the power supply for safety reasons. Using the y-splitter or other method power both the Adds, the old HDD and the new HDD. Remember to loosen the IDE cable without fully disconnecting it. You will not be able to boot your Xbox without the IDE cable. Switch on the Xbox and allow it to boot into dashboard. Go to the application s menu and launch Chimp through the dashboard. You will see the first menu once the Chimp launches. Now you can remove the IDE cable fully from the DVD drive. Now you should plug the cable to the new HDD. This will be the status of various components: Original HDD – power plus IDE, New HDD – power plus IDE, DVD – power but no IDE.

Once you have the above status on the different components, you are ready to proceed to the next step. You must choose ‘yes’ when you are asked to make sure that you are connected to all the IDE devices. Once you click ‘yes’, you will see the system scanning for the available devices. You will be able to see both the HDDs in the results once they are detected. Once you see both the HDDs listed, you can exit to complete this phase. Now it is time to get the information from the master to the slave; you can do this by using clone master to slave feature. You must clone the entire disk. The duration for cloning will vary from one system to the other depending on the data available. Once you have fully cloned, exit and return to the main menu.

In the finalizing steps, you need to lock the drive before leaving the Chimp. You will find the locking feature available in the option number 3. The system will ask you for the source key. You can choose option 2 if you know the eeprom backup in the tmp folder. If you are not familiar with that location, you should choose option 1. After choosing the right option, you must confirm the locking feature. Once the locking is complete, you can exit Chimp and return to Shell. The returning screen will look like you Dos prompt screen. You can now switch off the Xbox, remove the master, which is the original HDD, and power the slave or the new HDD directly without the use of y-splitter. You have upgraded you Xbox HDD; replace the top.


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