How to Play Xbox 1 Back Ups on Xbox 360 Modded


Are you searching for information on how to play Xbox 1 back ups on Xbox 360 modded? If yes, then you must first have firmware 1.5.1 to get you started. You must also have the latest version of ABGX 360 if you do not have it, you can download the necessary files from the internet. After downloading your latest version of ABGX 360, choose ‘autofix’ and update the autofix threshold setting as level 3. After this, you can open the ISO file to patch the files. After patching the files, you need to download the latest edition of Xbox backup creator. Install and create backups using this program. You must remember to use the inbuilt XBC burn engine. If you use any third party software tools, you will be getting error messages and other issues. So it is best to stick to the inbuilt tool. You will now have a completely working back up of your games and you can keep your original copy safe for any later reinstallation.

Whenever you make a backup of Xbox 1, test it whether it is usable. Most people think that they have made the back up and save the back up to be used in times of problem at a future date without really checking the back up or learning how to play Xbox 1 back ups on Xbox 360 modded. This will put you in a very unsafe position because when something should go wrong with your original, you will not now how to work your back up. Your original files too would have been corrupted. In such a situation you will be left with no option but to go for a fresh copy of the originals. On the other hand when you learn how to play Xbox 1 backups on Xbox 360 modded and use the back up copy, you can save the original copy for any later use. As soon as something goes wrong with your back up, immediately go for a new backup and use only the back up. So that your original copy is always safe. Many people postpone taking the back up copy of their files. And they think that they are already in possession of the original file, they can make their back up copy anytime. This will subject you to unnecessary trouble.

When you want to make a back up make sure that you use some reliable method. You can find a number of ways of making your backup for the game, but not all of them work for everyone. So rather than wasting your time in following methods that don’t really work, spend some time in the beginning to review the gaming forums and look for solutions that many people have used successfully and stick to that method. While following the instructions on getting your back up, before you start doing anything, check whether you are dealing with the right versions of the software tools required. If you do not have the right versions, you can be facing endless problems. By following all the instructions to the last detail, you can be highly successful in making back ups and playing on back ups.


Source by Susan Chinweike – Umeh