How Do I Remove A Stuck Disk With An Xbox 360 Repair Guide?


Have you ever been caught in the situation where your Xbox 360 game has got stuck in your console and you have been unable to remove it. How frustrating is that? So what do you do? You could attack the disk try of your Xbox 360 system with a screwdriver of course, but the risk to your console and your game are too great to contemplate that. Alternatively, you could run your Xbox 360 up to a Microsoft engineer, and be ready to empty your wallet in the process.

One great alternative is to invest in an Xbox 360 repair guide, and fix it your self. Is this an option you have considered? I am assuming here that your warranty has expired on your console. If the warranty is still valid, your shouldn’t really be reading this at all!

The best Xbox 360 repair guides have been written by engineers so you know that they know what they are talking about. At worst, they have been written by enthusiasts who have repaired hundreds of Xboxes, so that they could be considered to be experts. Either way, single investment, which is far less than that you would pay to Microsoft, is great value, because the advice can be used over and over again.

If you fancy having a crack at removing a disk without an Xbox 360 repair guide, then it is possible for you to remove the disk on your own. Before you do anything else, you should power down the Xbox which re-sets the console. Then start it up again, and see if this allows the disk to be freed. Resetting the software will sometimes do the trick. If not, unplug it again.

Your next task involves following the instructions in your Xbox 360 repair guide very closely. Your next task is to remove the face plate  on the console and arm yourself with a straightened paper clip. Having removed the face plate, you will see two small holes underneath the DVD player and one on the right hand side.

At this point in the proceedings, we have a complication, because, as t the time of writing this, the Xbox 360 used one of three different DVD drives in the console. If your DVD is a Toshiba or a Samsung, then your Xbox 360 repair guide will probably tell you to look for the small hole on the right underneath the X on the faceplate. Push the straight end of the paper clip into the hole. The paper clip will hit the gears which will need to be spun from right to left. Push the gears gently until you notice them move.

If on the other hand your DVD is a Hitachi, you will need to insert the clip into the first hole on the left on the front of the Xbox. Make sure you are gentle and do not push too hard. If you are nervous about this, some of the Xbox 360 repair guides come with video instructions, which will set your mind at ease.

Furthermore, a good Xbox repair guide will also keep you updated if new DVD drives are added to the system. They will update the guides so you will be covered.

Once the DVD tray begins to move, you will be able to pull it out slightly. Once that happens, the disk will be accessible and you should be able o remove it without any further problems.

Find the Xbox 360 repair guide that is right for you, by reading these independent reviews. Solve Xbox 360 stuck disk & other problems, without expensive trips to the Microsoft.


Source by Charlie Cory