Gateway ML6720 Keyboard cleaning method, how to clean Gateway keyboard


To give your laptop a thorough cleaning, you will need:

– A cup or container large enough to hold all the keys on your keyboard
– Rubbing alcohol
– Cotton swabs (Q-Tips)
– Dish soap (without bleach) or some other mild detergent
– Paper towels
– Flathead screwdriver
– Towel

Most of these supplies are probably already sitting around your house or apartment, but I doubt you’ll spend over $10 if for some reason you need to purchase everything.

Soak up as much of any spilled liquid as you can with a paper towel or rag.  Make sure to get all surfaces of your computer, including the screen. It’s quite possible that you splashed liquid into every deep dark crevice of your computer during your spill.  Use your cotton swabs if necessary, but don’t worry about getting in between the Gateway ML6720 Keyboard keys, we’ll get to that soon.

Before you start removing laptop keyboard keys, take a high resolution picture of your key layout. Alternatively you can draw the layout or use a friend or family member’s computer as a reference.  The layout of certain keys can differ slightly among computer brands and models.Your keys were basically snapped onto your Gateway ML6720 Keyboard at the factory… and therefore can be unsnapped.

Grab onto a corner of a Gateway ML6720 Keyboard key and firmly lift up.  You may be required to pry on more than one corner at a time to unsnap each key.  If a key (especially larger ones) prove difficult, wiggle a flathead screwdriver underneath the key and rotate the blade in several places to “persuade” it to let go.

The next step is to give your Gateway ML6720 Keyboard keys a soak in some dish soap (or other mild detergent) and warm water.  Fill your cup or container and drop in your keys. I let my keys soak for about an hour. Some of your larger keys may have one or several metal guide bars on their underside.  These bars slide into slots on your Gateway Laptop Keyboard, so make sure not to bend the bars or their slots on your computer.

As you can see, I did not remove every key on my computer since only a few of them were sticking.Dip your cotton swab into the rubbing alcohol and begin to clean around each laptop keyboard key post.  Remember if any liquid made its way under your keys to remove the key carriers as well and soak them with the keys.Flip your computer upside-down on a towel and give it about an hour to completely dry.  If you are cleaning up from a liquid spill, let it dry at least overnight in case any liquid made it past your Gateway ML6720 Keyboard and into your computer case.

After allowing time four your computer and keys to completely dry, reattach everything in reverse order that you removed it.  Key carriers, keys, and battery.  Test each key for function after you attach it.  If a key still appears to stick a little, repeat steps 5-7 as needed.

Refer to the picture or drawing you made in step 4 when reattaching your Gateway ML6720 Keyboard keys.  The Gateway laptop Keyboard keys and carriers just snap back into place, but make sure everything is aligned before applying any real pressure.  Again, take your time and don’t rush this part, you can still snap part of a key or try to force a key into the wrong place.


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