Fix Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Permanently


Looking for the best way to fix xbox 360 red ring of death permanently?

You are going to need a few key items or tools

A good soldering iron or gun and a roll of the best soldering you can find.

What you will want to do is crack open your xbox and looks for heats sinks in sector three which have become loose and pulled away from the mother board.

You want to be careful and know what your are doing or you will destroy your entire system. Many gamers like you who tried to do it themselves without proper know how have trashed their xbox 360 more times than I can count.

One wrong step and your entire system will be fried forever and you will heading to the department store in search of unbeatable prices.

Messing with electronic devices with out  a blueprint or some proven step by step tutorial is the fastest way to destroy your xbox and never fix the red ring of death.

But their are some alternative solutions to fix the red ring of death permanently.

  • Ship it back to MIcrosoft and let them deal with it, but be prepared to pay them if it’s warranty has expired.
  • Hand it over to a repair shop and let their guru’s take a crack at it, course you will have to pay out the nose for this option.
  • Do what most avid gamers are doing and complete the repair job yourself. With expert repair advice and step by step instructions.

The last method is usually the cheapest and easiest way to repair your xbox without having to lose weeks and sometimes months of playing time.


Source by R.T. Bucher

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