Fix Xbox 360 Red Lights


Xbox 360 is one of the best gaming console from Microsoft, however being compact it has got some problems. It has one of the excellent gaming features all assembled at one tiny space and lack of proper cooling devices makes it vulnerable especially when operated for a couple of hours. It get heated and if used further can develop many more problems. Once your gaming console is having some problem, it is either displayed or a red lights glows on your Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 red light errors can either be an overheating problem or it can be a GPU (graphic processing unit) problem. First of all whenever you observe a red light error in your Xbox 360, you need to shut down the machine and place it at an open place. As majority of the problem arise due to heating, cooling the machine from outside by using a fan will help in fixing the problem temporarily. If even after cooling it from outside it does not work, you will need to fix the Xbox 360 red lights and either you will need the machine to Microsoft for fixing the problem or you can do the job yourself.

Once Xbox 360 red lights problem occurs in your favorite gaming console, you will have to ship it to Microsoft and after the expiry of warranty period; Microsoft charges $140 for fixing the problem. You will have to bear the charges of shipping also and one of the major disadvantage of sending your console for fixing Xbox 360 red lights error to Microsoft is that you will have to wait for at least one month and in between you will not be able to play game on your favorite gaming console.


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