Fix Broken Xbox 360 Consoles Yourself


The Xbox360 gaming system is one of the most popular in the country. When it’s working well, it’s truly a treasure. When it’s not, however, a broken Xbox 360 can be a really expensive problem. The most common problem is its tendency to overheat. This is verified in various reports in the press. Because of the inconvenience and expense of sending the system off to Microsoft, many owners are desperate to finds ways to fix broken Xbox 360 console problems themselves. The good news is that there are ways avoid most of these problems or to fix them without Microsoft’s help.

Knowing how to fix a broken Xbox 360 yourself can save you big bucks. If you’ve personally experienced a serious problem with your Xbox360, then you are undoubtedly familiar with the three-red-light error, which Microsoft refers to as the Red Ring of Death. There are a number of problems that could cause the three red lights on the Xbox 360 console to display. For most of them it is not that difficult to fix a broken Xbox 360 yourself, if you know a few tricks of the trade.

First when you see this disheartening array of red lights, make sure that there are only three red lights flashing. If a fourth light is flashing, it could indicate a problem with the video and audio cable connections. Check the cable to make sure it is plugging in securely and the problem with the fourth red light should be gone, leaving you with the famous red ring of death, which you may be able to fix using the following steps.

One of the most commonly experienced problems causing the three red lights to flash is overheating which occurs when the Xbox360 has been operating for a long period of time. The Xbox tends to overheat under these conditions and simply needs to be allowed to cool down. Fortunately, fixing a broken Xbox 360 that has overheated is simple. When this occurs, immediately switch the Xbox off, disconnect all of the cables, and allow the console to cool off for a couple of hours in a shady place.

Another problem which can cause the three red lights to flash is when the Xbox is not getting adequate power to operate properly. This is usually caused by your arm candy gadget being plugged into the shared power bar. Remove it, and plug it into a dedicated outlet. This should fix that particular problem.

If neither of these two common situations are what is causing your three red light problem, go to the Internet and get a copy of a guide known as the 3 Red Lights Fix. This guide will suggest several ways on how to fix broken Xbox 360 systems that you can fix yourself. It’s worth a try, and it’s certainly cheaper than sending the system off to Microsoft for a $140 charge and a one month wait.

The 3 Red Light Fix guides have become quite popular, and have gained a lot of attention by allowing Xbox360 owners to repair their own systems quickly and at no cost. If you have a problem with three red lights flashing, look into the 3 Red Light Fix guides to enable you to fix broken Xbox 360 problems yourself.


Source by Jack Bush