Find out Secrets on Xbox 360 Three Red Lights Fix


Does it sound familar that when You are playing your favorite Xbox 360 game, all too suddenly, the game screen freezes up? There come some strange graphic problems, sound stops and the console does not respond no matter how hard you try. Even you switch off your Xbox 360 and switch it on again, there is no signs of recovery. Then you find three red lights, around the console’s power button, taking the place of the four green lights that are there normally. It is a common problem of Xbox 360, and we are going to learn Xbox 360 three red light fix in this article.

First you need to identify your problem.

There are several red lights that are present around the power button and each represents a specific code. These codes are very much useful in finding what kind of problem your xbox has experienced. For example, the Xbox 360 one red light gives you a message that there is something wrong with the hard drive or the DVD drive of your console. Following comes a list of some error lights…

1. Orange/ Red Flashing – Unit will reboot twice then flash red and orange

2. Green flashing or green then red flashing – Corrupt or missing eeprom

3. Solid Red – System failure

4. Power supply light alone is red or orange – Poor power supply to the Xbox

5. Three Flashing Red Lights – Red Rings of Death Error also called Three red light error

Then you may wonder how to fix red light on xbox 360?

Once you identify which of the devices is not working or in proper condition you need to fix them. There are several professional guides that are available that will surely help you get rid of this Xbox 360 one red light problem and this will make sure that your problem is solved in a jiffy.

One of most reliable guides on how to fix xbox 360 three red lights is James Dean’s ebook named Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix. It can help you fix Xbox three red lights in under an hour with some basic tools that you can find in any home.

In this guide, James Dean has listed all the possible error lights which used to occur on the Xbox 360 console, as well as the simple methods to fix them. Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix also comes with a step by step videos to show you how to repair Xbox 360 yourself. So it is actually not as difficult as you might think.

If you have any questions or if you want to know more information about Xbox red light fix guides then click here : Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix Review!


Source by Jack Bush