FAQs on Xbox 360 Red Lights Repair


Regular Xbox 360 red lights repair starts with the diagnosis of the problem or the identification of the cause behind the problem as such. Besides the fact that the screen will freeze and the console will stop working you’ll have three red lights on the front of the console: two flashing while the upper right one remaining lit all the time.

– Is the Xbox 360 red lights repair possible without opening the console?

Well, there are all sorts of unconventional practices that work as temporary solutions for the issue. Most tips refer to the case when the red lights appear because of an overheating of the system. Under the circumstances, you can let the system cool gradually; you can expose it to a flow of cool air by the window or you can resume game playing a few hours later or the next day. Keep in mind that the likelihood of recurrent similar episodes is very high.

– What is the success rate for the Xbox 360 red lights repair?

If you send the Xbox to Microsoft, you can be sure that the problem will be solved professionally, but you’ll have to pay quite a lot of money for the shipping to their service point in Texas. The other variant of using an Xbox 360 red lights repair guide appears more convenient but it is not 100% sure. The success of the intervention depends on your technical skills as well as on the understanding and proper decoding of the instructions in the guide.

– What steps should be followed for the Xbox 360 red lights repair?

There are two major steps to follow when experiencing the red lights problem. First of all you should check whether the green power supply is on; this should be working even when the red ring of death is present. If the power supply light is not green, you should follow the indications in the Microsoft Knowledge Base articles.

Then, you could also turn the console off, wait for ten seconds and see whether it works; you may have to let it rest for a few hours and if it doesn’t work afterwards either, then, make a decision about sending the game board to Microsoft for repairs or not.

You could also simply go through the internet looking for alternative ways to save your money and fix the xbox 360 red lights yourself. There are free methods like the towel trick and the hair blower trick which some say are effective while others claim to be dangerous. There are paid guides with video tutorials that give the real fix to permanently repair the red light problem permanently.


Source by Abi Shaan