Essential Xbox 360 Parts


The hardware segment of Xbox 360 involves various parts, including both internal components and external kits or accessories. The internal parts of Xbox 360 are together known as console. In this article, let us have some idea about few essential Xbox 360 parts. Here we go.

Central Processing Unit

Quite obviously, this is one of the most important parts of Xbox 360. The Central Processing Unit or CPU is referred to as Xenon at Microsoft. In IBM, it is known as Waternoose. The CPU consists of ROM storing which is used to decrypt the data of the game.

Graphics Processing Unit

The Graphics Processing Unit or GPU is one of the integral and essential parts of Xbox 360. For the first time, the GPU was designed by NVIDIA. Comprised of two distinct silicon dies, GPU houses 500 MHz clock-speed for each of the 90 nm chipset attached with the system.


Essentially the console consists of GDDR3 RAM with 512 MB capabilities, as offered by either Samsung or Qimonda. Its transmission rate is 1.4GHz and available on 128-bit bus. With the help of uniform memory architecture, the entire memory is shared between CPU and GPU.

System Bandwidth

The Xbox 360 is capable to offer an extensive range of system bandwidth. This high range of bandwidth is essentially required for the purpose of z-buffering, anti-aliasing and alpha blending, the three most fundamental criterion needed to render high quality graphics.


The games designed to play on Xbox 360 usually support 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound format. The console is solely dependent on 256 audio channels in addition to 320 autonomous decompression channels. The audio parts of Xbox 360 support 32-bit processing and 16-bit surrounding sound.


The core packages as well as premium packages built prior to 2007 do not house any digital video output attached with it. In such products, VGA or component video is responsible for producing HD-quality output. At present, console hardware is able to offer support to an extensive range of HDTV and SDTV resolutions.


The Premium version of Xbox 360 hosts removable 20GB Hard Disk (HDD). However, it is not a mandatory feature for many standard games expect games like Football Manager 2006. The Elite version of Xbox 360 houses 120GB Hard Disk.

Attachment to Accessories

The in-built 100BASE-TX Ethernet port is designed to attach accessories to the console system. Apart from that, Xbox 360 also houses a maximum of four wireless connectors which help to attach racing wheel to the system. Additionally, connection to Xbox Live can be made using wireless network adapter, although this is an optional feature.


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