Do You Want to Print Your Own Photo Id Cards?


There are many reasons why you might be in need of photo ID cards. You might be planning a conference, running a business, managing health care services, looking for ID for your retail staff, or any number of other reasons. In this day and age where security has never been more important, photo ID can be a very valuable tool. Do you want to print your own photo ID cards?

Whatever your reason for wanting to print your own photo ID cards, the great news is that it has never been easier, no matter how simple or complex your photo ID card needs are.  If you’ve previously contracted this service, you already know just how expensive it can be. Thankfully, there’s really no reason to contract your photo ID cards out any longer.

It’s a common misconception that the printing process is far too complex for the average person. This simply isn’t true. With just a little practice you’ll be printing your photo ID cards as good as the pros. But prior to printing your cards, you’re going to have to invest in the appropriate hardware and software.

There are plenty of card printers on the market. Choose from single, dual sided printers, or laminated printers, from reputable companies like Fargo, Nisca, or Zebra to name just a few. These specialty printers are no more difficult to hook up than an ordinary printer.

There is a printer for every printing job. Whether you need to print the occasional card or you need to print large volumes of cards daily, there’s a solution for you. Take a little time to review the features of the various printers, to find one that will meet your photo ID card printing needs.

Your printer is a big part of your project, but you also need to find the right photo ID software. Different software packages have different features, and of course different prices associated with them. Fargo Asure ID Express is a stand-alone system. Fargo is a name you can trust in a printer, and the same is true of their software. You can batch print, manage your smart chip applications, add photo fields, add data fields, and more. This particular software has proven to be very popular.

CardFive is another powerful photo ID software program. It offers multifunctional ID card management, including hologram, overlay, smart card and magnetic stripe capabilities, to name just a few of its features. You can also assign various access levels for different users. Best of all, it’s easy to set up and just as easy to learn.

That’s just two examples of what’s on the market. Your card printing software is really the brains behind your photo ID card projects. You need to choose software that will meet your needs, and that you are comfortable with. If you have a brand preference you’ll want to follow up on that. You will also need to decide whether you’ll be printing one sided or two sided cards. Do you want an internal or external database? Are you going to encode your cards? Finally will you be running your software on a network? Having the answer to these important questions will make it much easier to choose the right software for your company.

You’ll quickly experience the benefits to printing your own photo ID cards. Let’s tell you what those are.

1. You’ll save a bundle of money on printing ID cards.

2. You can print as many or as few cards as you need without the worry of penalties for small orders.

3. You can print cards on whim whenever you need them.

4. You don’t have to wait weeks to receive your order.

5. You get the last say on the quality of the card being printed.

Photo ID cards have a lot to offer your company. Business is always concerned about the bottom line. When you can cut costs, improve turn around time, and improve quality, that’s a sound business decision. Your ID printer and your photo ID software, are the two most important components to printing your own cards. Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll be ready to start printing your own photo ID cards.


Source by Sher Matsen