Destroy your old hard disk data


We live in an era dominated by computers and a large flow of information. With so many combinations of binary data, including pictures, documents, personal accounts and credit cards, we must pay attention to the dangers we expose our computer.

We hear of many cases when people forget their laptop or memory stick in train or bus and then these are used for compromising their image. However, few people realize how big is this danger and the consequences of these facts.

It is very easy for hackers to use the data deleted from your computer and especially to use them against you, the owner. The number of information crimes has increased lately, and we can notice a developing of a  veritable hacker industry.

Personal data, passwords of credit cards, addresses or banking, accounts are stolen using information from computers. To hackers, this has become a routine operation.

You are not save if you sell your old computer on eBay. Digital criminals recover daily personal data on computers they buy. By these methods, hackers collect accounts and passwords, credit cards, and the former owners can wake up that have no money in the bank. More, using data recovering methods, digital criminals “can recover compromising photos or documents, to blackmail people”. For example, if you had the hard drive an old diary in which you wrote the daily events without exception, it may be used against you, and hackers can blackmail you because it was not published on the Internet.

To remove, effectively, these data, people have to use special programs, which cost more than 30 EUR. Computer’s security, which has become a witness of your life and in the same time a close friend that can sometimes reveal some secrets, it is absolutely essential in this digital era.

If you do not want to use these special programs, you could appeal to a more primitive method, but effective one. Very easy to use, this operation is very efficient. Take a stone and destroy the computer piece by piece, to be sure that nobody, will use the personal data you stored in your PC again. Insist on the hard disk!

In the same manner, the hard disk of your computer can be destroyed by throwing it in fire or water, or just throw under a car wheels. In this way, you will not wake up without the money in the bank and you will not receive any threats from hackers.


Source by Gabi Andrei