Buy Cheap PlayStation 3 Console


Sony PlayStation is known around the world for the great gaming power. They have kept this reputation all through the years. No matter what the hard drive capacity is, the console works great.

The PlayStation 3 consoles allow you to play a wide variety of games made for the PlayStation 3 gaming system. The console also has Wi-Fi capabilities and this means that the individuals are able to link up some games with different users that are online for a group experience and a more interactive game.

The console also offers the possibility of playing DVDs and also the new Blu-ray discs.

This means the console can also be used for many other entertaining purposes. One of the great things about PS3 is that the games made for the older Ps1 and Ps2 work on it too. This means you can play your favorite games over and over.

The Critics

Even if this PlayStation 3 video gaming console proves to have a great number of capabilities, there are a lot of reviews that bring a lot of critics to this gaming system.

A big critic is the fact that PS3 does not have many games developed, that the competition offers more. Some people also say that the console lacks some features that could prove very useful.

One of these features is the USB port and also the capability of using any type of universal remote instead of Bluetooth remotes. There are also people that say the PS gaming system is less attractive than the Xbox gaming system and it is an inferior product.

Even if these critics, a used PlayStation 3 gaming console is found in stores for just one hundred dollars. For many people this price is affordable, even for those in stressed economies.

So this is a good reason why many people chose to buy the PS3 console and why it has become so popular.

A new gaming console PS3 is normally around four and five hundred dollars, depending on the extra accessories and equipment. Even if the price for a brand new one is a big high, it is still les than the others.

The benefits tend to outweigh the price tag and lower the critics. Another great benefit is the fact that it can be used as a DVD or CD burner, a Blu-ray or DVD player, a console for online navigation and so much more.


Source by Ricky Lim