2012 Upcoming Kinect Games


2012 Upcoming Kinect Games

Here are some of the 2012 upcoming kinect games , there are some very exciting games install for us for 2011 as well as some great kinect accessories to go with these games.

Michael Jackson – The Experience

The Experience  features a wealth of unforgettable hits, which the motion capture capabilities of the Kinect system and microphone functionality allow you to dance and sing to, just like Michael did. Additional features include: player projection technology that puts you in the game, authentic Michael Jackson choreography, costumes and imagery and a practice mode.

 Child of Eden has quickly becoming one of the best kinect games of 2011. This is a visionary entertainment experience that synchronizes stunning graphics and innovative sound design to electrify the senses; by bringing physics in synergy with spectacular visuals and audio, Child of Eden is creating the next-generation sensory experience. The world of Eden is a unique, surprising, rich and beautiful world.

The kinect sensor will detect your body movements, allowing for a completely new multi-sensory shooting game experience.

The Kinect Wipeout  game is designed around the television series Wipeout, the crazy obstacle courses where players will be challenged with working their way through the show’s challenges by running, ducking, and dodging. Failure is an inevitable and frequent outcome, and players will be treated to visuals of their inglorious digital destruction.

Forza Motorsport 4 is one of the “most expansive and vividly realistic automotive experience across any console.”, but with the new kinect controller it really is going to be very special. You can look at a car from every angle, get inside, and inspect every piece of the car up close. There are hot spots on the car you can touch to get additional information Forza 4 .

Kinect Sports 2 introduces six new sports – tennis, golf, American football, baseball, skiing and darts – with loads of challenges and activities for everyone to enjoy. 

Dance Central 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to Dance Central which has been in the top 3 kinect games. This is as good as the first version and is well worth playing.

Michael Phelps: Push the Limit is a kinect sports game with a difference. Michael Phelps – Push the Limit utilizes Kinect for Xbox 360’s unique capabilities to let players go beyond the pool in one of the most realistic and intense sports simulations ever created

Check out the list of 2012 Upcoming Kinect Games  .

Star Wars

This game is going to be introduced December 31 2011, but very little is known about the games; you can fight like a Jedi, blast some storm troopers with force powers by stretching out your hand, Kenobi style? Have you ever wanted to slice, dice, mince opponents with flashy lightsaber skills, well this is your chance?

These are just some of the other upcoming kinect games that are also due in 2012.

Codename D – a kinect action game

Kinect Haunt

Heavy Fire Afghanistan – a kinect fighting game

Mass Effect 3

Binary Domain

Mi Coach- top Adidas athletes going through their training routines.

Star Wars is due for release December 31 2011.

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor- a kinect action game


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