Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death – Just Fix It Already


The real cause for the Xbox 360 red ring of death is directed to your Xbox 360 motherboard, the most discussed cause is “overheating of the GPU” & Microsoft failing to adopt proper cooling mechanisms within the Xbox. This has lead Microsoft in to real problems & widespread hatred.

Let’s see what Microsoft is up to regarding this Xbox 360 red ring of death issue. Xbox 360 is an amazing gaming console & every gamer knows that it performs way better than its competition the pS3.

But, recently there are lots of issues around the Xbox 360 red rings of death.. So, let’s tap in to the problem & its possible solutions in this news story.

There seems to be a wide spread temporary fix for this problem all over the net. One being the infamous “Towel Method”. Yeah, I’ve tried it on my Xbox 360 & you know what, It Works!

But after a few hours the Xbox 360 red rings of death problem came back. My serious recommendation would be to not use this technique. It’s like sabotaging your own Xbox 360. This system will cause more serious problems in the long run & it’s not a permanent fix either.

Does Microsoft stand up to defend its product? Yes, indeed.

Microsoft has promised to replace or repair all the consoles which are affected by these dreaded red rings of death error.

But again this problem doesn’t seem to be fixed. Even after replacing a number of the consoles, the new console again proves to have the same problem. Even the Xbox’s which were repaired & sent back again felt victim for the dreaded “Xbox 360 red ring of death” problem.

So, is there a solution? Yes, there is a permanent fix for the problem of “Xbox 360 red ring of death”, & NO it has nothing to do with involving Microsoft.

I found a guide online who gave me the exact methods to repair my Xbox 360 red ring of death with nothing but house hold tools like a screw driver, paperclip, pliers & a knife. It had clear step by step video tutorials on how to fix my console & abolish my Xbox 360 red ring of death problem.

Now I’m happy that I found this guide & can get back to playing Halo 3 and in no way do I have to worry about those stupid rings of death. If you are a hard core Xbox 360 fan & gamer like me!

Click the link to get the Xbox 360 red ring of death repair guide which made it all possible. Read the review!

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